Al Mumtaz Bus Hub River Road Yousuf Goth Karachi City, Sindh

Company Profile

Al Mumtaz is pioneer in the business of Transportation in Pakistan. It has a protracted history; based on more than two decades of excellence in services. The founder members                Mushtaq Ahmed Baloch and Rahim Bakhsh Baloch strong vision and dedication made it possible to launch Al Mumtaz. The journey, which was started in 1980 under the banner of Al Mumtaz with logistics business and then express bus service between Karachi and Turbat, which has been expanded to many folds. Al Mumtaz serves as a hub of passenger transport throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan.

Today Al Mumtaz is having a large and modern fleet of buses which is catering the needs of approximately 20,000 passengers per month nationwide. The devoted, professional and hospitable staff is always available on all terminals to guide and assist the esteem passengers. The ever increasing demand forced us to expand fleet of bus service by inducting new Daewoo buses and new routes. Now the passengers can relax and enjoy the comfortable and safe journey by watching state of the art audio video equipment and refreshment.